23 January 2013

Products to Covet

One of the reasons I like reading magazines is that they lead me to shops and purveyors. Some may just be start-ups, while others have been around for years just waiting to be discovered.

So as I was perusing this month's issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, I saw a caboodle of products that are both pretty and useful...which led me to this shop... that led me to some more adorable items! Here are my picks:

A Few Bath Supplies
A warm bath during winter is a soothing treat for cold evenings and chapped skin.

No.1: A body brush for hard-to-reach areas; 
I would love to try this for dry brushing
No.2: A soft nail brush for DIY manicures
No. 3: A handmade bar of soap in my favorite scent
No. 4: A book of scented paper -- tuck it in linen drawers
or tear off a sheet then light it with a match to 
deodorize a room 
No.5: Fluffy towels provide a hug after a relaxing shower

A Few Kitchen Supplies
Baby it's cold outside! That means more time indoors to cook or cozy up.

No. 6: Canning jars to store kitchen staples from beans to chocolate
No. 7: A handsome spoon to dish out hot soups and stews
No. 8: A chopping board that works as a platter for bread, 
cheese and dessert
No. 9: A stock pot that will be busy all winter long, simmering
stick-to-the-bones comfort food
No. 10: An old school kettle to heat up the water
that we'll use for steeping tea 

Have a nice day!

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