29 January 2013

Beautiful Balloons

Howdy folks! So yesterday, I told you about my newest craft punch. I love craft punches! They're such fun tools that I've used to make this, this, this, this and this.

I thought a balloon craft punch deserved a place in my collection. I went ahead and bought one, then punched some plain and printed balloons out of an old shopping catalog.

I took out some card stock that I got on sale

I used a paper cutter to make blank cards.

Then, I dressed up the blah cards with my balloons! I used a glue stick to attach them, and some thick double-sided tape for some to achieve a raised or two-dimensional effect. You can't see it from here, but the stripey balloon has a metallic finish. The string was drawn with a white pen and the ribbon with a marker. TADA!

I added a few more balloons inside, a small inscription and lots of space for more personal words. I also found some translucent envelopes that give a hint on the surprise inside. 

Whatever the reason for celebration, I think this card delivers the message!

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  1. So cue! I love it!
    I absolutely adore Martha's punches...


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