02 October 2013

A Bag Charm

Howdy everyone! On Monday, I shared an art installation inspired by knitting. Yesterday, some street graffiti using crochet. I know, there's a lot of yarn action happening here! 

I guess it would be obvious that this week's blog theme is yarn bombing. Don't worry, I'm not taking to the alleys to decorate an innocent bicycle with a rainbow of yarn. 

I'll do it small scale, because I think yarn can turn any blah into TADA! 

Take this mini carabiner for example. It was used to keep a bunch of keys together. Age has made the cobalt blue paint fade. So sad looking.

Let's bring in the girly gang -- odds and ends from my craft stash like yarn, a pompom, a tassel and beads.

Cover the carabiner with yarn and hold the yarn in place with hot glue.

Then string the elements together with needle and thread.

And just like that, we've made a pretty bag charm. TADA!

Hook it onto any pouch or tote, because they deserve some accessorizing, too.

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