30 October 2013

Secret Identity

Do you dress up for Halloween? Do you think Halloween is blah or is it TADA!? Here's a low-commitment costume that doesn't cost much and hopefully, as you make it, will get you in the spirit of this special day. 

Today's blah: a white cardboard box. 

With a pair of scissors, it's instantly transformed into TADA!

Here's another version in a shape befitting a superhero. Or bandit. Depending on the look you're going for.

I'm embellishing it with some squiggles of tacky glue.

Then, on a surface covered with scrap paper, I'll cover the mask with flocking powder. Glitter or confetti are other alternatives.

The flocking powder should attach to the glue. When the excess powder is tapped out, we'll have these fun designs on the mask...TADA! 

The scrap paper keeps our craft table neat and it also catches all the excess powder. Form the paper into a cone and return the extra flocking powder into the jar {because wasting is blah}.

Add ribbons to secure the mask around the head...

 ...or rubber bands inserted into holes made with a craft punch.

Pair the mask with an all-black outfit and TADA!, Halloween party here we come!

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