28 October 2013

Ideas for Halloween

Good to see you today! This week, let's experiment with a different kind of craft material.

Have you ever heard of flocking powder? I can best describe it as microscopic glitter but instead of a sparkly look, it gives a surface a velvety finish.

Since Halloween is coming up, let's see how we can use flocking powder to dress up some crafts.

Let's turn these blah book pages into TADA! 

Fold the book pages into pouches and secure the edges with glue.

Using all purpose glue, draw creepy-crawlies on the pouch.

Make sure to cover your work space with newspaper/scrap paper.  Working quickly, shower the drawing with a generous amount of flocking powder. 

Tap out the excess. If there are "bald spots", add more flocking powder.  The excess powder can be poured back into the container.

I'm not sure if you can see it here, but the spider looks and feels like velvet. The flocking powder adds not only texture, but dimension as well. The spider looks embossed!

Fill the pouches with tricks and treats {fold the top and secure with a sticker or tape} and they're ready to be given away on Halloween. TADA!

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