09 October 2013

Crafty Tags

Hello! Yesterday, I  turned a blah canvas pouch into TADA! by decorating it with iron-on patches:

This pouch's mission is to house my current craft project. That way, I can easily take it anywhere. Right now, the holidays are on my mind. To avoid being overwhelmed, I spread out my holiday errands throughout the year such as buying presents, assembling handmade gifts, and preparing tags: 

Here's what I put inside my project pouch: a "Made with Love" rubber stamp, an ink pad, and blank sticker labels. 

Moving on to gift labels, here are Christmas-themed rubber stamps and bigger adhesive tags. 

Sometime in the day, when I have a few minutes on hand, I can do a little stamping {it doesn't even require a lot of time} and TADA!, I'll be able to cross off an item on my "To Do" list.

To protect the surface I'm working on, I'd bring a sheet of recycled paper {ex. newspaper or packaging paper}. For quick clean-up, I would tuck in some paper towels and a plastic zip-top bag to keep any ink from getting to my pouch.

I hope this has inspired you to make a project pouch, too.

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