03 October 2013

Wrapped in Yarn

I'm still in a yarn-wrapping frenzy. And why not? Yarn is colorful, cozy and can be purchased inexpensively.

Like this variegated ball that I found at a garage sale many seasons ago. I'm not a knitter or crocheter but I like to keep yarn for a bunch of different crafty pursuits. 

Today, I'll attempt to turn this wire hanger from blah to TADA!

Yarn bombing a hanger is the shizzle, my crafting enthusiasm will never fizzle...I know, that was a super lame attempt at a rap. But you know the drill. Just tightly wind that yarn around the hanger, sealing with hot glue every now and then.

And here's what it looks like now!

I'm pleased with how the colors of the yarn add drama to the hanger. 

Put some of these in your guestroom closet for a colorful yet functional surprise. But here's another idea:

Use it to corral a collection of necklaces.

Or if you're a jewelry maker, this is a cool way to display your wares at a craft fair or boutique. TADA!

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  1. Nice! And if you use undyed or light-colored cotton to do the wrapping, you can transform the metal hangers from clothing killers (metal hangers are terrible for your clothes, and over time, they can destroy them, as can wooden hangers) to clothing protectors!


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