15 October 2013

Chalk Board Inspiration

Yesterday, we gave some props to chalk artist Dana Tanamachi. I'm in awe with what she can do with just chalk and a chalkboard! With that said, chalkboard crafts are on the agenda this week. I hope you're as excited as I am.

I'll be using this chalkboard paint and a foam brush for my blah to TADA! transformations. I got this at my local craft store but there are many kinds available now.

I'm giving this napkin holder a face lift. We've had this since my husband's bachelor days. It's time to freshen it up.

I gave it a good sanding with a handy sanding block. Then I cleaned off the dust with a rag.

I applied several coats of the chalkboard paint. The package suggests two coats: one applied horizontally, and another vertically, with a one hour drying time in between. For good measure, I did about 10 coats and left it to dry overnight.

To condition it, I rubbed chalk all over the surface {both sides}.

Then, clean chalk layer with a damp cloth or dry eraser.

Now I can write little notes with chalk to add whimsy to our dining table.

Or to make a family member's birthday extra special.

And to make guests feel right at home. TADA!

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