29 October 2013

Bats on a Bag

This week, we're playing around with flocking powder:

It's a crafting material that, when applied to an adhesive, produces a velvety surface. 

Let's see how we can dress up this blah paper bag to make it Halloween ready.

I've chosen a bat design. It can easily be drawn freehand, but since I have this cookie cutter, I'll use it as a stencil.

We'll outline the bat with flocking powder, beginning with all purpose glue placed over the pencil drawing.

Followed by a shower of flocking powder {don't be stingy since the excess can be returned to the container}. 

By the way, make sure your table is lined with scrap paper to catch any loose powder.

Tap out the excess powder and use a paintbrush to get rid of any stubborn flecks.

It's easy to use a marker, crayon or pen to draw these bats, but the flocking powder adds a felt-like finish. 

TADA! This bag is all suited up for Halloween candy!

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