11 October 2013

Attempting to Knit

Hey, hey, Happy Friday! Have any of you, my dear readers, tried your hand at a knitting dolly?

You see, on a trip to England last year, I bought myself this knitting doll at their equivalent of a dollar store, Poundland! I couldn't resist how cute she was and I've always wanted to develop some knitting skills.

The package included the dolly, some yarn, and a crochet hook/pin.

It came with instructions, too, but I've been watching some tutorials on YouTube to help me along.

Instead of yarn, I'll experiment with crochet thread.

Here's what the knitted pattern will look like. TADA!

Allow me to get the hang of it as I carry it around my project pouch. I'll keep practicing and let's see what things I'll be able to make. And if you're an expert, please throw some tips my way. I would gladly appreciate it.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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