08 October 2013

Patches and Pouches

I've told you before that I'm a fan of Cath Kidston's dainty prints and products. The brand is celebrating it's 20th birthday and they made a special line to mark this occasion. Here are my top picks from that line:

via Cath Kidston
I love that the patches look collected, each one telling a story. At the same time, these add interest to the basic purses. 

And because it's all about project pouches this week, I'm making my own today.

I found this canvas pouch at the dollar bin of Target. It's looking a little blah, right?

Inspired by the Cath Kidston purse, I'm going to add these patches to my pouch. I purchased them over the years. I was just waiting for the opportunity to use them.

Some of the patches can be applied with an iron.

Just position on the pouch and iron on. 

This other patch has to be sewed on but I'll try a no-sew fabric glue instead. Let's see how long it will hold.

Just dab on the wrong side of the patch, then place it on the pouch.

Here's what the pouch looks like now. Blah to TADA!

I hope to keep adding more patches on both sides...I like that it's a work in progress.

Tomorrow, I'll show you what I'll use it for. See you then!

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