10 October 2013

A Stitched Anniversary Gift

Have you been to Paper Source? It's a sweet shop known for their stationery and gifts. 

I love their motto: "Do something creative everyday". I've since borrowed this mantra because making something with your hands truly nourishes the spirit. Don't you agree?

That's why I came out with a project pouch. It's just a simple pouch that contains the materials for the craft project I'm currently working on. Use any kind or any size pouch; it happens that I like turning blah to TADA!, so I made this one. Having a project pouch allows me to "do something creative everyday", wherever I may be.

I've been enamored with embroidery the past couple of weeks. 

Here are the contents of my pouch: fabric mounted on a embroidery hoop {the design comes from a Martha Stewart book; I just added the heart}, a pair of scissors, embroidery floss and a needle notebook.

I keep a few needles and pins in my needle notebook because a pin cushion is a little bulky. I only carry the colors of embroidery floss I need for my project. These are organized using cardboard spools.

It may take me days, weeks even, to complete a project.

But I know my project is safely hanging out in the pouch until I'm ready to work on it again.

Here are the stitched lovebirds, ready to be given away to a couple celebrating their anniversary. TADA!


  1. super cute little kit! xoxo Sydney

  2. Great idea! Such an adorable gift idea too.


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