11 February 2009

An Apple a Day

If we ate an apple a day how many people, do you think, will be happy? Well, first there's mom who told us to eat our fruits and vegetables. Then there's the doctor whose idea it was to eat an apple a day. Then there's the farmer and grocer who are happy we bought the apples in the first place. And let's not forget our cardiologist who will be jumping up & down when he or she finds out that we added apples to our morning oatmeal!

Plain oatmeal may be a blah to eat, but some sliced apples, a handful of raisins and a dash of cinnamon turns it into a Tada! chunky-chewy-healthy-hearty first meal of the day. Add some cooked protein-rich Quinoa to the oatmeal and our cardiologist will be adding cartwheels to his jump-for-joy routine.

Let me give you a high-five because you've made a lot of people happy...and it's only the start of the day!

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