13 February 2009

Green on a Red-letter Day

We've come to the end of "oatmeal week" and I'm hoping eating healthy will be a daily habit you'll always look forward to. Sure, you're allowed to sneak in a sweet treat especially this Valentine's weekend! And for this red-letter day, I spent some time in the kitchen making a batch of oatmeal cookies to give to some really special people. It's a little indulgent with the butter and sugar but the oatmeal, whole wheat flour (I used half all-purpose flour & half whole wheat flour) and raisins in the cookie somehow eases the guilt. And here they are:

It's a good thing I saved several plastic boxes that was used as food packaging.

They make great cookie boxes! Just wash & dry, put in the cookies (I used some pink cupcake liners to add some color and to keep the cookies from moving around), add a ribbon and a label. Now whose eyes wouldn't light up after receiving this labor of love?

Let's give a little more love away with Valentine greeting cards made from a box and Valentine-themed paper.

With trusty scissors and a glue stick, turn an old gift box into postcards decorated with paper hearts:

Don't forget to write a sweet note before handing it out to all your favorite buddies...

Sweet. Thoughtful. Handmade. Inexpensive. Healthy. Environment-Friendly.
Shouldn't that be the way to describe your Valentine's?

Have a Happy Valentine's & a rockin' Tada! Weekend!!!

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