02 February 2009

Yes we CAN!

During his campaign, President Obama's battle cry was "Yes We Can"...and he did! He made history & is now the poster-boy for captured dreams. A happy and healthy Mother Earth? YES WE CAN! And this week at blah to TADA! we'll take that all too literally by breathing new life into aluminum cans. Just clean them with soap & water and dry them well. If you have an uber-cute label, leave it on and turn the can into a flower vase. Use cans in different sizes and labels, add some freshly-picked flowers to liven up a casual dining table, outdoor seating area or window sill.

Now wouldn't something like this brighten your day?

1 comment:

  1. I use my empty cans to hold pens, pencils, scissors, paint brushes. So much tidier easier to find.


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