09 February 2009

Be Good to Your Heart

It's Valentine's Day on Saturday and I thought an appropriate theme for this week would be "Hearts". Now I'm taking that very literally to encourage everyone to turn blah eating into Tada! eating so that we're able to take good care of our hearts. One heart-healthy food is oatmeal and I must admit sometimes it's a blah to prepare or blah to eat -- I don't get excited if it's dry and pasty-looking.

When I prepare my oatmeal, I like using old fashioned oats. Compared to instant oatmeal, it takes a little longer to cook (about 15 minutes) but definitely faster than steel cut Irish oatmeal, which takes 30 minutes. I use more liquid than necessary (maybe an extra 1/2 cup) so it doesn't end up too dry. I allow the liquid (water, 2% milk or soy milk) to simmer, then add in the oats. Then my favorite part -- the fixin's! One of my favorites is fresh fruit, depending on what I have in my fridge. I include some of the fruit as the oatmeal cooks and leave some as toppings. Today I used peaches & blueberries:

The fruit adds sweetness, flavor & texture and what a Tada! breakfast that makes!

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