17 February 2009

Bows on my Toes

Last year, in early autumn, I was on the New York subway. Not wanting to stare at people during the ride, I looked at people's shoes. Shoes say a lot about the people who wear them -- some put comfort first, others prefer fashion over comfort, some dig wild colors and some have had their pair for many, many years. I was drawn to the shoes of the lady sitting in front of me. She was dressed in a light blue cardigan over a white shell, neatly-pressed khaki pants and a monogramed L.L. Bean canvas bag beside her as she perused the New York Times. On her feet were black leather flats with a sumptuous black bow tied on each one. They were like presents waiting to be unwrapped. But isn't that what shoes are? Shoes are gifts for the feet!

It was this woman's shoes that inspired me to update this old pair:

Into a girl-y, dainty, almost-new pair of shoes:

You'll find inspiration to transform a blah into a Tada! everywhere, even on the subway!


  1. I love these shoes. I also liked the idea of using old earings on the toes. I have a few pairs of clip-ons that I use to jazz up some of my plain black shoes. I dig your format, it is fun to see all of the ways that you use different objects!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Miss Hip Homemaker!


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