25 February 2009

Fancy Fruit Cup

It's the middle of the week and today, we're recycling a cute old jam jar into this:

It's an earth-friendly container for a fresh fruit salad!
Quite fashionable if I should say so myself: a colorful paper napkin is tied around its waist like a Japanese Obi (belt). The rubber band keeps both napkin and bamboo fork in place.

Use your favorite fruits in season. Peel & cut them up into bite-size pieces, then toss in a bowl. Scoop into clean jam jars, dress it up and store in the fridge. It will be ready to go if you need a quick breakfast before dashing off to work or as a snack when you take the kids & pets to the park.

"Undress" the bottle and use the paper napkin as a placemat, to dab your lips and for easy clean-up.

This homemade fruit cup
is guaranteed to be healthy (no sugary syrup or preservatives), inexpensive and will surely make your Mama (birth mom & Mother Earth) proud!


  1. Indeed, this is a cute and chic way to eat fruit. I would feel very cool at a picnic with this fruit cup :)

  2. What very cute ideas you have here! We go through Bonne Maman like crazy -- my husband eats this stuff every day and while I do recycle the jars in the recycling bin (a relatively new concept here in France - can you believe it!?), you've given me some fantastic ideas to recycle right here in my own apartment.

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  4. Hi Grace & Little Miss Cupcake! Thanks for stopping by my blog & for your sweet comments.

  5. This is a great idea, too. Where did you find the wooden fork? Oh, thanks for the comment on my blog today.

  6. Thanks Pattern & Perspective! This is a recycled fork I got from a cupcake shop in NYC called "Sweet Revenge". Bamboo utensils are sold in sets...I've seen them in NYC shops like Broadway Panhandler, Dean & Deluca and I think they might have them at Wholefoods =)


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