03 February 2009

A Cute CAN-tainer

Cans with covers are one of the easiest blahs to turn into tadas!. It takes just two easy steps:

STEP 1: Clean the can by wiping the inside with a dry paper towel, making sure to get all the oil & bits of food that may be left inside. A shaking of baking soda can help absorb any food smells. Tap out the baking soda and run a paper towel through the inside again. Don't forget to thoroughly clean the lid either with a paper towel (if it's made of aluminum) or soap & water (if it's made of plastic).

STEP 2: Dress up the can! I like to use sheets of gift wrap or scrapbook paper. I cut it it to size, big enough to wrap around the body with a little overlap and I stick it on using non-toxic glue. Scraps of fabric or stickers are other playful options.

This cool collection of cans
keep cookies, biscuits and granola fresh for days as long as they are air-tight. Use them to package food gifts like homemade candies, mixed nuts and Japanese crackers for the holidays. They're very handy to hold snacks for the home & office, too!


  1. When I was 17 I started my first office job and the first day was a madhouse with three girls (including myself) sharing one long desk and wrestling over pens, that were just layed down. That night I took a 28 oz. can, cleaned it, and hot-glued fabric and some ribbon and fake flowers onto it. I brought it into the office the next day for all of our pens!

  2. Welcome to my blog Christina! That's a fabulous story! I bet you made the office prettier and more organized :)


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