16 February 2009


It's Fashion Week in New York City so I thought it would be fun to tap into our inner fashion designer. No pattern-making or sewing skills necessary. Just rummage through your closet for a few blahs that are waiting to become Tadas! Here's what I found at the back of my wardrobe:

It's a pair of black flats with gold buckles that I've had for three years. Okay, I admit, they're wannabe Tory Burch Reva Flats that I hardly wore but they're still in good shape. By replacing the buckles with something new, I now have a different shoe:

I got a pair of applique flowers at a fabric store and attached it on each shoe using my handy glue gun. Come back tomorrow and see what else we can do with an old pair of flats. Have an awesome Monday!

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