05 February 2009

Terrific Tins

One of the things that makes me smile during the holidays are store shelves stocked with decorative tin cans. I must admit I am usually attracted to the packaging more than the food it contains. What's not to love? No need to wrap them when given as gifts. They're colorful and last long after the food is consumed. Through the years, I've found good use for them -- an M&M's tin was turned into a sewing box; a cookie tin held my letter-writing supplies like scented stationery and a rainbow of pens; a hot chocolate mix tin kept my secret stash of dark chocolate...well, so much for the secret part.

Today's blah
is a tall Christmas tin which was home to a family of pistachios. Spaghetti noodles have now moved in and they re-decorated using sticker labels & sticker dots. Fettuccine and Bucatini noodles will be moving in soon. I believe many TADA! parties are in order.

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