04 February 2009

Cookie Cutter

Cans come in handy when your inner Jamie Oliver hollers. Shape unbaked cookies or biscuits, even without a cookie cutter, using a small can (ex. tomato sauce can). Make uniformly-shaped hamburger patties using a can (ex. tuna can). Make bread rounds for canapes for your next party or circle sandwiches for your toddler using a can. You know how they present food in fancy restaurants, where salads or appetizers are stacked like a tower? You can do that, too, using a tall can as a mold and removing the can just before serving.

Save those cans! Remove the lids at both ends with a can opener, clean & dry them well and tada! -- you've got a multipurpose kitchen tool without having to spend a buck!

Here's another tada! -- you get to eat after all that work in the kitchen!

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