26 February 2009


I am thrilled whenever I dine at a restaurant that serves their drinks in these mason jar glass mugs. They somehow whisk me off to the countryside where meals are served family-style, prepared all day by grandma. You know...ribs, corn muffins, fried chicken, macaroni & cheese and lots of pie! Um, okay, you caught me day dreaming right there. So back to the mason jar mugs. This is the inspiration to transform today's blah...

...Into a Tada!...

These Bonne Maman jam jars turn into wonderful tumblers for iced tea (or your drink of choice). They're chunky, sturdy and don't require extra care. They can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher and no tears will be shed if one or two accidentally break. Replacements are available at the supermarket (with free preserves!) unlike more highend drinking glasses that can be out of stock at the home store. They will work well for an outdoor party or a summer picnic. And because it's still winter where I live, I'll go back to day dreaming about warm days, a hearty table brimming with food and refreshing iced tea in jam jars. Cheers!


  1. i drank many times as a child from jelly jars and my mom loved the tiny kraft jars that pimento cheese and pineapple cream cheese came in for juice glasses in the morning. i just discovered your blog today thanks to fun in the making's post about you last week. i have almost made it through your entire archives and am so in love with your creativity and ideas.


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