18 February 2009

Shoe Jewelry

This week, we're giving a face-lift to an old pair of black shoes. Just like a little black dress, black shoes can easily be accessorized to give it a new look. And by accessories, we really mean accessories.

These are clip-on earrings I found at the Hell's Kitchen flea market in New York City. While they're a little too big for my taste, I purchased them with the shoes in mind. Indeed, my shoes have a thing for large jewelry.

The earrings easily clip on to the edge of the shoe. Of course you can try it on the side, back or strap of the shoe and see how you like it best. In this case, I put it front & center, positioned horizontally and secured with crazy glue.

See the transformation from blah shoe to Tada! shoe? It had a modern contemporary feel coming from the shiny gold buckle and now it speaks "classic old world" from the matte gold vintage earring.

Never underestimate the power of accessories -- even for shoes!

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