10 March 2009

I Saw the Sign

Our featured blah this week is the name tag, this plastic fella with a metal clip that's a personalized freebie in every meeting & conference we are sent to attend. I got the inspiration to turn this blah into a Tada! from this month's issue of ReadyMade Magazine, specifically in the MacGyver section. It challenges everyday people like us to convert a humble object into a thing of beauty using our creative super powers. Wearing my mask & cape (homemade, of course!), I respond to the call of duty...

Once a name tag, now a door sign!

It's proudly made of recycled materials like cardboard & a catalogue cover, put together using a pair of scissors & glue. It's attached to the door using double-stick tape and the sign can easily be switched into a new one: "The Doctor is Out", "Meeting in Progress", "Do Not Disturb", "Will Return After 1:00 PM", depending on whose office it is. Simply insert a new sheet into the slot.

It can be used at home as well -- for a baby's room which he or she can keep until the teenage years. Don't the phrases "Keep Out", "Enter at Your Own Risk", "Only Cool People Allowed" bring you back to those days of drama?

See you tomorrow for another Tada!.


  1. Oh I love this! Great idea! They're also good to lable bins.. Just slip in the paper and clip!


  2. Thanks Google...using these on bins & boxes would be great, too!


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