20 October 2010

For Thy Waist or Neck

I love treasure hunting at flea markets!
During one of my trips, I found this bag of scrap
and this week, I've been transforming the "scrap"
from blah to Tada!

Blah: These metallic embellishments with a gold &
copper finish.

Tada! A statement belt!

It also doubles as a fashionable necklace!
A two-in-one accessory perfect for travel.


  1. You're AMAZING! I'm scrolling through al your projects and squealing at how smart it all is. Just totally smart!

  2. Welcome to my blog Jamie! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Hi LacyHolly! So nice to "see you" today!

    Take care lovelies! :)

  3. I really love this idea! totally worth trying!

  4. this is amazing...but how 2 make it???

  5. Oh Natasha! Thanks so much!

    Hi there Blue! This is simple to make:
    (1) Make circles out of felt (1" bigger than the embellishments).
    (2) Glue (hot glue) embellishments onto felt.
    (3) Position circles onto a long piece of grossgrain ribbon. Once you're happy with the
    how it looks, glue circles onto ribbon.
    (4) Trim excess ribbon.

    Now, your D-I-Y necklace is ready to wear! :)


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