07 October 2010

Memories of Europe

How are you doing today?
If you've been tuning in, I've been making necklaces
that remind me of my travels.

Blah: old necklaces & loose beads.

Tada!: a shiny, happy multi-layer necklace
that looks brand new and reminds me of
crystals & chandeliers found in the
palaces of Europe.

I think I can hear this necklace sparkle.
See you tomorrow!


  1. I am LOVING the necklaces this week! So impressed!

  2. SO LOVELY!!! I want it! You're making me feel crafty again.

  3. So beautiful...I love how you've modernized it into a long pretty necklace!

  4. Hello Katie, Shawna and Marfa! Thanks so much for your visit and comments :) I hope you can make your own travel/souvenir necklaces, too!


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