21 October 2010

Silver Darlings

As they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

That saying best encapsulates these bags of scrap
that I found at a flea market.

Unwanted odds & ends, wanted by me.

Here are some of the "scraps" I found inside: metal
hardware for clip-on earrings & silver-colored beads.
How lucky am I that I found a pair!

From blah, they are now Tada!
I made them into a cool set of earrings!

The silver-colored beads made a few friends with beads that I
already own. I attached these to a piece of felt and
the felt was attached to the hardware with hot glue.

Aren't they pretty?


  1. hey Claire,

    amazing creativity you have. i am a fan :)

    hey...since you did this blog on clip-ons...i need help in the reverse process. i have like half a dozen of clip-ons. and since i got my ears piered long back, i don't wear them anymore. but i don't feel like throwing them away either. can you suggest what to do?

    also, may be you already know about it, but may i interest you in this - http://www.nekchand.info/

  2. Thanks so much for your visits Blue! Re-using clip-on earrings is fun -- I think I'll make it one of my blah-to-Tada! projects in the near future :) So far, I've used clip-on earrings a shoe clips. Add it to a plain shoe (center, off center, sides, straps) and it's like you have a new pair of shoes! I'll think of other ideas and
    keep ya posted. :)


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