12 October 2010

Little Letter

Lovely to see you today!

At the Martha Stewart Craft Fair last December,
I bought myself this cute little note set:

And when I say little, I really mean little!
The envelopes are so tiny that you can only fit a
coin the size of a quarter dollar.

I guess this is the SMS/text version of a handwritten letter.
You'll only be able to write "I luv u" instead of "I love You"
or "C ya l8r" instead of "See you later".

I thought of these fortune cookie fortunes that I've
been collecting every time we go for a Dim Sum lunch
or order Chinese take-out .

They can fit inside the tiny envelope!

Well, if you fold the piece of paper.

It's a quirky way to share your fortune!
See your tomorrow.


  1. Hi Claire ! These envelopes with fortunes are so cute! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. I can always find something lovely in your blog :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by my dear Paskalily! I wish you good fortune always! :)


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