04 October 2010

Souvenir Necklaces

Where have you traveled lately?
I like to travel & I like keeping souvenirs ranging
from fridge magnets to inexpensive art.

I also like to make my own souvenirs that
don't scream, "I bought this in Rome" or
"I found this in San Francisco".

Some souvenirs are subtle but tell a story.

Remember this necklace?
It's a simple chain with different beads -- each
bead reminding me of a place I've visited.

This week, I'm making more of these necklaces.
They allow me to travel without having to hop on a plane!

Today's blah: these tiny people charms.
They're really earrings. I bought them in Brazil
but the shopkeeper said they were made in Peru.
They remind me of what I love about Latin America:
warm, friendly & hardworking people with very
colorful cultures and cuisines.

Here's how I turned them into a Tada!:

Instead of wearing them on my earlobes,
I attached them to a gold chain.

I added small gold hearts and pendants
that work as open lockets, too!

More tomorrow!


  1. i love charm bracelets!!! and now necklaces too!!! xox

  2. Thanks my dear Nuit! It's been raining here...hope it's sunny in your part of the world :)


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