22 October 2010

Stylishly Stretchy

Thanks so much for checking out my recycling projects!
This week, I featured blahs from a bag of scrap
that I found at a New York City flea market:

After sorting through the "scraps", I've
made a number of accessories that
can jazz up the plainest outfits.

Today, I'm finding some practical use for
these scalloped metal adornments.

Tada! I made a belt!

It's made of black elastic & a metal closure
that I bought at a sewing store.
The gold "buttons" were attached
with hot glue.

It reminds me of art deco design that
can still be modern to this day.

Have a fun weekend!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog the other day.

    You have a wonderful blog and an amazing talent in turning your small treasures into something beautiful. I love art deco design and this belt is lovely.

    Have a beautiful day. xxxx

  2. I want a bag of scrap too! Love ALL of the different ways you had shown to bring out the style and elegance from the various pieces!

  3. Wonderful works of art..all from a scrap bag!

  4. Loving your blog, hun! you are very creative! keep up the good work xoxo

  5. Thanks a lot for your lovely comments Foxglove Spires,Clara, Betty and Miss Beautifier! :)


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