25 October 2010

Ideas for Halloween

Hello! Halloween is just around the corner
and this week, I have some ideas to
get you into the Halloween spirit!

Remember this garden light that
I made from a milk carton?
I'm making something similar today.

Blah: an empty {cleaned-out} milk container.

Tada! A spooky light you can use inside
or outside the house!

These battery-operated tea lights are a safe
alternative to real candles {they flicker too!}.
You can find them at the candle section of
the department store.

They set the mood and are safe for everyone.

Hope to see you tomorrow!


  1. Super
    Pozdrawiam z Polski :-)

    Regards from Polish
    And by the way cool idea to work with kids

  2. Yes, older kids can help with this project! Thanks for visiting Balbina :)

  3. Ya know my son is still on the formula so I've always got these cans left over.. Could probably do something very simular to this with them! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Oh hey.. From what I understand these are cut outs.. but how did you do the witches eyes/mouth?

  5. Hi Ashley! Thanks for visiting! You can definitely do this with cans: make holes using a nail & hammer. Your holes can be random or create a pattern like a pumpkin. When you're done, just add a battery operated tea light (or two) inside the can and let it "glow" in the dark. :)

    The witch's eyes and mouth are made from card stock/heavy paper (if you have no black card stock, use a marker to color an existing piece of card stock). They're cut-outs that are glued on to the parchment background. Hope this helps! :)

  6. Very cool-looking!!

    I'd warn about the electric candles though, not very eco and I doubt if they get properly recycled - might wanna inquire into that!
    Batteries often have toxic stuff in them, here in Europe we are required to collect them separately, it seems the batteries aren't replaceable - or are they?

    I don't know what really happens with the electric candles and batteries in them??

    So eco-wise, a can + real candles would probably be better? Depends how old the kids are or such though..

  7. You've made a great point there Layla. I've opted to use these battery-operated votives since the milk carton & paper are flammable. I believe the batteries here can be replaced, but you're right, disposing them properly is important. Thanks for the warning! :)


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