15 October 2010

Inspiration is Key

Here's a final fortune cookie "fortune" idea:

Blah -- a collection of "fortunes" that could be gathering dust.

Tada! Turn it into a key chain!

It's mounted on a small piece of wood
decorated with gift wrapper scraps.
Everything is sealed off with Mod Podge.
I made a small hole with a nail & hammer,
then inserted a small jump ring that attaches
to the bigger ring that holds the keys.

It's a gentle reminder of
which fortunes really matter.

Have a sweet weekend!


  1. This key chain is cute - such a nice idea (like all of your ideas, btw!). I bet these "fortunes" would also make nice bookmarks.
    ...Soooo many possiblities...

  2. Thanks Bettina! I was watching "Ellen" the other day and she had a professional fortune cookie writer on the show. How fun to answer that when you get the question, "What do you do?" :)

  3. I love your key chain, Claire. That quote is a strong one, adore quotes!!
    Have the loveliest of weekends. xxx

  4. Welcome to my blog Saskia! Thanks and have a fun weekend , too. :)

  5. Claire you are really creative!! This week is the proof (if i need proof) how you took tiny papers and turn them in such cool way!!!

  6. Thanks a bunch Gabi, Miss Papgena and Theresa! You made me smile today! :)

  7. Such a fun project! And great recycling method!

  8. Oh Claire..what a great idea for those 'fortune cookie' quotes. I love it and so simple to do:)

  9. Thanks so much Miss Doodle Girl and Betty! I wish you both "good fortune"! ;-)


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