14 October 2010

On the Write Track

Whether or not you believe the "fortune" that you get
inside a fortune cookie, opening it is such a fun
way to end a Chinese meal.

I've accumulated quite a collection, and while
this doesn't make me rich in monetary terms, it has
sparked a few ideas to share my unique "fortune".

Tada! The plainest of pencils go from blah to Tada!
Simply attach the "fortune" onto the pencil with Mod Podge
{white glue works, too}.

Share the pencils with a child or co-worker.
It may just hold the answers he or she is looking for!


  1. perfect for work.. sometimes I do seriously need that type of reminder ;)

  2. May you have a productive day Nuit! Thank you for visiting today!

  3. What a cute idea! I usually throw my fortunes in my purse, and find them when I'm waiting at the mall or coffee shop for people. I never thought of putting them on pencils before!

  4. I saw thesea nd thought of you.. and how super cute it would be to have magizine clippings, oriental lettering, and your fortunes in it! Then you could wear them and keep inpired! :) http://www.smithsonianstore.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=17445&search=paper

  5. Hi Nicole! What a nice surprise when you find a fortune in your purse! Thanks for your comment. :)

    Hello Ashley -- thanks for this super cool idea! Keep it coming! :)

  6. Oops! You put them upside down! (unless you're left-handed)

  7. Hi Gabi! I tried to cover the label of the pencil with the fortune & close to the eraser. :) The beauty of this project -- you can put it on the pencil anyway you want {ex. like a "flag" or winding it around the body of the pencil}. Have fun!


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