06 October 2010

Memories of France

All this week, I'm creating new necklaces out of my
old necklaces and my inspiration: travel.

Blah: a long necklace that I bought from a
street vendor in New York City.

With a pair of pliers, I can reconfigure it
to create a new look.

Tada!: a pearl necklace that's more streamlined & formal.
It reminds me a lot of Marie Antoinette, of stylish
French women and Chanel:

Chanel Black White Pearl Necklace

When I get tired of the all-pearl look,
I can add other beads to update the
necklace once again.

Have a great day!


  1. Claire - love the pearls w/ the bow - so pretty!

  2. Hello there,
    I love your blog, crafting with old stuffs, and garbage is wonderfully! I hope you enjoy making this blog, and I hope you will go on with this, I'm getting a lot of inspiration trough this blog! So I want to say thank you, before i saw this blog, I didn't know that there is so much you can make with only cardboard or a bottle.
    Greets from Lisa from the netherlands

  3. Thanks so much Susan!

    Hi there Lisa! So happy to hear from you & I'm glad that I'm able to inspire you to create new things from old stuff that you no longer use!

    Don't you just love Chanel, Nuit?! Love!

    Hugs to all of you! :)


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