28 September 2011

Handmade Envelopes

Hi there! If you're a new visitor to my blog, I'd
like to say welcome. And if you're a regular
reader, I want to say thank you. Your
presence & comments encourages
me to blog regularly & think up of
more blah to TADA! ideas.

This week, I'm destroying an old book.
I know, it's cruel. I don't really do it on
a normal basis. I take good care of
my books, I promise.

But if you have unwanted books, you
can give them to a friend, donate them
to charity or use them for crafting.

Which is what this book encourages.
Its pages contain easy crafts &
many inspiring artists' work like
paper sculptures & installation.

One simple & practical project
are envelopes made of
book pages:

You'll need pages torn from a book,
a small envelope to be used as a
template, a pencil, scissors & glue.

Trace the shape of the envelope on the book page &
cut it out. Glue the two edges to form an envelope.

Embellish with magazine cut-outs or stickers.

Add a section in which to write the
recipient's name {and address}.
I used pink & white stripe tissue
left over from this TADA!

Use it for small notes or packaging for gift cards.

They're handmade and handy!


  1. I've been loving your non-wanted books' crafts but this takes the prize in my opinion...

    I think I'll copy the pages I want from a book and them put a friend's gift (it's a small scarf) inside the envelope.


    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Teresa! Copying the book is good idea -- a more personalized approach and no harming of books! :)

  3. I love your blog! I recently came into a set of 1980's encylopedia britannica and have been using them for various crafts. All of these ideas are AWESOME! Thanks!

  4. Hi Aspen! Thanks for your lovely note :) I remember those encyclopedias...we had a set back home in my parents' house. I don't think kids these days know what they are. I would love to see all the goodies you make out of the pages!


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