29 September 2011

A Pyramid for Presents

I've been rifling through the pages of James
and I've been busy trying out the crafts.
I like them -- they're blah to TADA!
in nature.

Aged, neglected books are taken apart and are
made into something more useful & beautiful.

Like the author, I felt like a villain
destroying a book. He says, "It felt wrong
to cannibalize the essence of a book for its
elemental parts. But after playing with
unwanted and forgotten books, this feeling
eventually passed. There are a lot of books
out there -- don't be afraid to exorcise their
bookish essence for other creative ends."

These words somehow made me feel better.
So I'll proceed by making some cute
gift packaging.

We'll need pages from a blah book.

We'll also need some cardboard {this was an empty
pasta box}. Make a square base {this is 2" x 2"}
and 4 triangles that will be used as the sides.
The size of the triangle's base must match
the square base {should also be 2"}.
Keep this principle in mind if you're
making a bigger or smaller pyramid.

Assemble the box by sticking the sides
to the base with tape.

Wrap the cardboard using your book pages.
{You can wrap them in sections, as long
as the seams are inside the box.}

Punch holes about 1/2" from the tips
of the triangles and lace some cute
ribbon through them to hold the
box together.

Then tuck in a specially-chosen gift inside.

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