30 September 2011

Books as Art

Happy Friday my dear friends!

This week, I featured crafts from this
book, by this author who also has
an inspiring blog.

Jason Thompson, the author, has this to say
{and it's one of my favorite lines}
about old & forgotten books:

Is there a purpose for some of these
unwanted books? Answering this question
leads us to artists, designers, and artisans
who appreciate books in a uniquely different
way. Although the fundamental parts of a
book might consist of pages and covers,
the artist's eye sees something more: raw
materials to create unique objects far
removed from the book form. To these
artists, books are resources to rearrange,
recycle, and re-imagine into
functional and decorative objects.

Apart from crafty ideas, the book also
highlights work by different artists.

If you think old books are blah,
take a look at these pieces and
I guarantee, you'll say "TADA!"

Aren't these mind-blowing?
Oh the possibility of books!

Here's to a great weekend!


  1. I Love the Sue Blackwell's you posted...

    I posted about an anonymous that has been leaving his art with books in Edinburgh. Have a look:


    Though my love-books-soul shrink a bit at the idea of seeing a book "destroyed" there's a huge talent in these TADAS.

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. Thanks for the link Teresa! I really admire these artists who make beautiful work out of old books :)


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