12 September 2011

A Vase Full of Flowers

Happy new week everyone!

Today's blah to TADA! transformation is
once again inspired by something
I found at John Derian's shop.

It's these votive holders made in Paris by

Notice the tissue paper-like background,
gold rim and delicate design.

Here's my attempt at making
something similar:

blah: an old flower vase that sometimes doubles
as a candle holder.

blah: pink tissue paper saved from a

Trim the tissue paper to fit around the vase
{and an extra inch of overlap} and draw or trace
your design on the center.

Take out the watercolors and paint away!

Once dry, gild the edges using a metallic gold pen
and a ruler.

Wrap this around the vase and attach
the edges with glue.

Even if this vase has no fresh flowers in it,
it's still very eye-catching.
Another option is to put a votive inside and
you'll have a blooming & glowing centerpiece
for the dinner table. TADA!


  1. It is gorgeous! You are so creative Claire!

  2. So pretty! What a great idea - I think you might have even improved on the original!

  3. Thank you my dear Paskalily and Katie! You gals are the sweetest :)

  4. I really like this one. Simple and pretty. Lovely job as always, Claire.

  5. you did a really nice job! great idea:-)

  6. Thanks a lot Sibylle! I've been enjoying your projects :)


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