16 September 2011


Yipee, yay, it's Friday!

This week, we came up with TADA!
solutions to answer the question,
"How can I recycle old jars?"

I've got one more idea up my sleeve:

blah: a lonely glass vase

blah: bold-colored tissue paper that were once
used as gift wrap

We're using this as inspiration: Indian block prints
from West Elm's latest collection

Trim the tissue paper to fit around the vase
{add an extra inch so we can glue the edges
together later on} and draw a pattern.
You can do this freehand or trace it from
a source. Finish with permanent ink.

TADA! Here's the red version.

A votive candle will make it glow.

Here's the blue version.

Add current design trends to your home
without spending a cent.
I think that's TADA!

Have a spectacular weekend!


  1. Thanks Sooz! Easy to make :) Have a fun weekend!

  2. Lovely! And with this weather turning a bit more chilly :hopefulthinking: it adds warmth to the nights that start sooner.
    Wish you a lovely Friday and a fabulous weekend,

  3. Lovely. In fact, I do have a candle holder that looks like that, back in my old room in India.

  4. Thanks a bunch and sending you a big hug dear Teresa and Sachinky! :)

  5. That's so pretty Claire..I can already imagine those sitting on my fireplace mantle!

  6. Thank you Betty dear! I want a fireplace too :)

  7. Hey Claire! Love, love, LOVE your site, as always! I get SO inspired whenever I come here! =^)

    I emailed you forever ago about a place called "The Scrap Exchange" in Durham, NC. I really think you'd love it! Their website is here: http://www.scrapexchange.org/ and they have a gallery page of artists' recycled art!

    As far as the India inspired votive candles go, I wanted to suggest that once you trace your pattern, you could put the paper on a scrap piece of styrofoam or a few pieces of cardboard & use an awl or other sharp object to punch holes into the design that the candlelight would show through! =^)

    Thanks again for all you do!!
    ~ Lindy, @AKATriple

  8. Hi Lindy! Thanks for visiting and thanks for reminding me about scrap exchange. :) I really love how you suggest these ideas to make TADAs even more TADA! Thanks!


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