06 September 2011


Yesterday, I told you about this genius of a fellow
named John Derian, a decorative artist &

His forte is decoupage and among the pieces
he makes that I'm definitely drawn to
are his glass paperweights:

images courtesy of J.Crew

Pretty right?
Well, I thought I'd try my hand at making these.
Instead of glass, I'm using this:

A garden stone, a river rock...the name changes depending
on where you find it.
Blah if I say so myself.

I got this butterfly in a magazine.
All I had to do was cut around it.

Then I attached it to the rock {after it was cleaned}
with Mod Podge or regular white glue.
Apply the glue under & over the butterfly
for a matte finish. Gently smooth out with
your fingers to remove creases or air bubbles.

TADA! My very own paperweight!

I use it to hold down paper napkins
during a fun picnic or barbecue.

See you again tomorrow for another idea!


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