27 September 2011

Paper Ornaments

This week, I'm shining the spotlight on this book:

It's filled with many ideas to turn lonely books
from blah to TADA!

Start with a book that you're willing to tear up.

Make paper circles with a circle puncher.
You'll need 20 pieces.

Using a piece of cardboard, make a triangle template.
Put the triangle in the middle of the paper circle and
fold the three edges around it.

Do this for all 20 circles.

Make two domes {for the top & bottom of the ball},
by gluing the edges of 5 circles together.

Make a strip by gluing 10 circles together,
alternate the orientation of each triangle
as you go along {use the triangle
images as a guide}.

Here's what it will look like.

Make sure you have 2 domes & 1 strip.

Attach the two ends of the strip with glue, like so:

Then attach the top dome & bottom dome.
Leave to dry for a few minutes.

TADA! A 3-D paper ornament.

Add some string and glitter, and you've got
ornaments for the holidays!


  1. Love this - I was looking for some easy ornaments to make for Christmas, and here it is. THanks for posting!

  2. Glad to help Sonja! Happy crafting for the holidays :)


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