09 September 2011

The WRITE Thing to Do

Hooray, hooray, it's Friday!
Have you been enjoying all the John Derian
inspiration this week?

If he'd offer tours to his workshop, I'd
be the first in line!

Anyway, one of the designs he likes to
use are handwritten letters:

Tissue paper to wrap gifts
{some sections were marked with a X...the "delete"
button wasn't invented yet!}

A pretty glass plate

A nostalgic placemat
{your go signal to read other people's mail!}

With this in mind, shall we do
a blah to TADA! make-over?

blah: an empty ice cream tub
{cleaned with soap & water and allowed to dry}

blah: old magazine & catalog pages

When you put them together using
scissors, glue & a layer of Mod Podge,
here's what happens:

TADA! A classy container with hints of the
type-written & handwritten word, plus
an arresting insect for a pop of color.

Would you like to add some handles?

Just punch a few holes and add some rope,
ribbon or twine; knot the ends.

Use it organize your work space.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. very creative, I have to do. As always greet you with a Polish

  2. Thanks Balbina! It's fun to make & personalize any way you want :)

  3. Claire, you are so crafty & clever! I've enjoyed seeing all of the J.D. inspiration this week in your posts & your creations are simply fabulous! Have a lovely day! Suzie

  4. Awww Suzie! What a great way to end the week...your note made my heart smile :)

  5. oh my gosh, this is the cutest blog!! I love it! How fun!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate the comment very much, PLUS, it led me to YOUR blog - and I will surely be back for more of your fun projects! :)

  6. Welcome to my blog Kathy! Thanks for stopping by and come by anytime :)

  7. Another wonderful and inexpensive craft..I would be proud to showcase stuff in that container..those handles add the final touch!
    Have a nice weekend, Claire!

  8. Oh Betty! You leave the kindest comments :) Have a nice weekend too my dear!

  9. Very cute. There are lots of ice cream containers around here with this hot weather.

  10. Thanks for visiting Anna! I should hang out at your place...I'll bring my own spoon & cones to share :)

  11. I love this. So pretty. I featured it at <a href="http://storagegeek.tumblr.com/post/11019291538/recycle-an-ice-cream-tub-blah-to-tada-the>Storage Geek</a> with full credit and link back of course.

  12. Thanks for linking this project on your blog Storage Geek! :)


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