23 September 2011

Blue Ribbon Special

Well hello there!

I have another plastic bag make-over
for you today and I'm using this blue beauty.

Cut off the handles so you are left
with a rectangle.

Now make some strips. These are
approximately 1" (width) x 17" (height).

Then cut these in half, approximately
1" (width) x 8.5" (height).

Then fold each strip into a figure-eight,
secure with staples where the ends meet.

Here's a different angle -- they look
like a canoe. You'll need to make four
of these.

Stack them on top of each other in crisscross fashion.

Attach each layer with double-sided tape
or hot glue.

Top it off with a barrel-shape made of the
same material. Now you have a ribbon
similar to the ones you can get at a store.

Then add double-sided tape at the bottom.

I think I need to start making a lot of these
so I'm ready to wrap for the holidays!

Why buy ribbon when you can make your own
using colorful plastic bags?

May you have a rip-roaring weekend!


  1. ,,,happy 1st day of autumn!,,,have a "tada" weekend,,,

  2. Happy Autumn Rebecca...can't wait 'til the leaves turn color :) Have a TADA! weekend as well!

  3. That is so cute, Claire..yep..better start making these for Christmas! First I will have to go plastic bag shopping..for those colored bags:)
    Autumn is here..love it!!

  4. Thank you Betty! Happy Autumn :)


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