14 September 2011

Lacey Details

If you've been tuning in since Monday,
you may have observed that I'm at it again.

Recycling glass jars that is.
I know, I've crafted with them so many times
before. But isn't that what recycling is about?

Today, I'm using left-over lace from this project
and a few meters of tulle...

...which was really a garlic sack in its past life.

Allow the jar to fulfill its fantasy of becoming
a bride in a white dress.
{I guess they would have fantasies, right?}

All you need are scissors and a glue gun to put
this together.

Add a few herbs and use it as a
chic table decor in your next
celebration. TADA!


  1. Looks gorgeous Claire, and they would make wonderful centerpieces. I'm tucking ideas away for future use.

  2. Thank you Betty! I hope you'll get to use this idea real soon :)

  3. I really like what you did to spruce up the jars and plates, Claire!


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