07 September 2011

Monogrammed Dish

One of the cute things I found at John Derian's shop
are these initial plates:

They're made of glass.

The plates are also available in symbols
like the ampersand, exclamation point
and question mark.

I'm using this as a peg to turn this blah
into a TADA!:

A dessert plate I purchased at a thrift shop.

Punch a few letters from a magazine.

Attach the letter on the underside of the plate
with white glue and TADA!, a cheap and cheerful
version of the John Derian initial plate!

Add any letter you want and keep it for yourself
or turn it into a hostess present:

Just throw in a few bars of hand-milled soaps or
a chunky candle.


  1. Yes, these are fun to give away :) Thanks for visiting Jazzy!

  2. ,,,love the "tada" idea, and with the holidays right around the corner (cheers for that) your idea would make a sweet gift indeed,,,

  3. Oh Rebecca...I've got to work on my gift list for the holidays...yikes! Thanks for visiting today!

  4. This is a great idea! I have some clear vintage bubble plates from my grandma...this would be the perfect accent to them!

    Thank you so much for checking out my blog! You have some wonderful ideas on yours... I will definitely be back! :)

  5. Thanks a bunch for visiting Miss Knotty & Nice!


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