21 September 2011

DIY Blooms

This week, we're dressing up presents
with flowers made out of plastic bags.
This way, we don't need to buy ribbons &
we get to recycle too. Plus the gifts
turn out quite appealing, I have to say.

blah: an orange plastic bag

Draw a few circles on the bag.

Cut out the circles and if you want,
make a ruffle on the edges.

Make a few circles out of cardboard.
These are about one inch in diameter.
Punch a hole in the center.

Layer 5 plastic circles on top of each other, then form
them into a cone. Insert the end of the cone into the
hole of the cardboard circle.

Staple the plastic ends onto the cardboard circle.
Reinforce with hot glue.

Flip them over and fluff up the petals.
TADA! You made carnations!

With hot glue, attach the carnation to a clothespin.
You'll see that there are cheerful words
written on the clothespins.

This is all you need to add pizzazz to a simple package.

This can be used by the recipient
for future gift giving. Or just add a
magnet at the back of the clothespin &
it becomes a fridge magnet/note holder!


  1. Claire...I'm loving your shopping bag flowers. I did a version of one of your creations on my blog last Thursday (Sep 15). You're always such an inspiration to me.

  2. oh, this idea is reaaly great :)

  3. Thanks so much Lori! You made me smile today :) I love your Target bag turned gift topper!

  4. Thanks Rosita! I hope you'll be able to use this idea for any gift wrapping projects in the near future :)

  5. ,,,i like!, and i like the flower is orange for well you know, the glorious season that starts on friday!,,,thanks for the wednesday "tada",,,

  6. Thanks for saying HI today Rebecca! Autumn is creeping in :)

  7. Oh Claire..gorgeous orange flowers!
    I have only the boring white plastic bags..I'll be keeping an eye out for brightly colored bags!

  8. Thanks for visiting April! Hi Betty! I think the white plastic bags make pretty, lacey flowers :)

  9. Those are adorable! Definitely need to make a batch of those for X-mas gifts this year!

  10. I'm stoked that you like them Becca Ray! Thanks for your visit :)


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