19 September 2011

Gift Embellishments

Happy New Week Lovelies!
I hope you had a memorable weekend.

Do you remember this project?

I made a gift topper out of plastic bags.
With some upcoming birthdays and the holidays
fast approaching, I wanted to create a few
more of these gift embellishments.

Who doesn't love a beautifully-wrapped present?
I'm a sucker for beautiful gift wrap & ribbons
but they can be quite expensive. So I do the
next best thing: blah to TADA!

blah: a pink and green plastic bag

Draw circles on the pink plastic. Use different round objects
you can find at home (ex. yogurt container, cans,
jars, etc.) to make at least three
different-sized circles.

Cut around the circle, making sure to cut away
the ink marks.

Slide the edges of the plastic circle against the sharp side of
a pair of scissors {ideal position: your thumb, plastic circle,
scissors}. This will produce a soft curl, mimicking a petal.
Do this on four sides of each circle.

Layer the circles on top of each other,
biggest to smallest.

Then make leaves out of the green plastic bag.

Attach them together by hand stitching and
adding a pearl or bead at the center.
Now you've got a pretty flower. TADA!

Attach the flower to a clip {rescued from an old ID badge}
using hot glue. That way, this gift topper can be used
over and over again.

Just clip it directly to your gift or on a piece of
string or ribbon.

Encourage your friends to re-use this ribbon
or teach them how to make it!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Voila! How do you come up with such creative ideas. Hats off!!!:)

  2. Thanks Cocktail Party! I try to find inspiration everywhere {and the need to use up "blah" things without throwing them away}. :)


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