20 March 2012

Bake Sale Buzz

Bake sales are an enjoyable way to raise funds. 

image via My Year of Wellness
To add to the fun factor, it also involves the community. But for a bake sale to be successful, promoting it is key. Create awareness and excitement with advertising!  

image via No Cookie Left Behind

One way is with posters that can easily be hand-drawn or designed on the computer. Make it colorful and inviting with images of delectable baked goods...a peek into what they can expect. A few weeks before the bake sale date, display these prominently at the venue and in neighboring areas that attract a lot of foot traffic (ex. supermarket, drug store, school, library, playground).  

image via My Year of Wellness
Flyers/leaflets can also be made. Use the same design as the poster (a black & white version is acceptable) for a cohesive look. Distribute these on sidewalks, in mailboxes and in the parking lot.

image via Fancy Pants Foodie
 Also consider buying some ad space in the local newspaper or group/church newsletter.

image via Google
To create buzz about the event, take advantage of social networking such as blogs, Facebook and  Twitter. It's free, easy and targets a big group in one go.

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Announcements on the radio, at church and ordinary conversations shouldn't be underestimated.  

Remember to have the following information in your advertising materials:
  • Date and time
  • Location and directions
  • Charity or cause that will benefit the sale
  • Admission fee (if charging)
  • Contact information (phone number, e-mail address or website) for any questions or for people who would like to volunteer
  • Photos/images, logos or slogans

Now that we've got advertising covered, here's a bonus blah to TADA! idea:

 blah: scrap paper (ex. paper bags, construction paper, etc.)
cut into triangles

 TADA!: a playful bunting to decorate your bake sale space

 Spruced up with stickers & rubber stamps

 Attached together on a string

Accented with spring-time ribbon...TADA!

More ideas tomorrow!


  1. Great bake sale advertising ideas, Claire. I have had bake sales and contributed to others and advertising is very helpful. Talking about bake sales reminds me of these cookies..I usually make soft white 'grandma cookies', they sell well and always go faster if they have pink icing instead of white..interesting isn't it? All about what's more pleasing to the eye I suppose.

  2. Oh Betty! Thanks for the valuable bake sale tips...I need to try those "grandma cookies" with pink icing!!!


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