07 March 2012

Paper Napkins

Happy Wednesday dear friends!

one big paper party.  

They had paper napkins in many wonderful prints.
I don't usually buy napkins like these because
they're too pretty for one-time use.

But I had to make an exception.

I bought a pack of these floral-print cocktail napkins.

They're made by the fabulous Cath Kidston and
they were only $1.00 a pack!

They match my favorite tea pot.

And having them is a good excuse to have 
an afternoon tea party.

I can even use them to wrap presents.
No tape needed. A luscious ribbon is enough.

Doesn't this put a smile on your face?


  1. Very pretty...I love how you didn't use any tape...the ribbon is enough! I've used napkins to wrap a few cookies or a small loaf of bread as a gift. Honestly, though I prefer cloth napkins!

  2. I agree Marfa, cloth napkins are so much better. But I couldn't resist the print and the price of these! :)

  3. Oh yes Claire I am smiling!!

  4. Hello there Betty! Thanks for the love & smiles :)


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